Crazy English – Comedy Video

"crazy english

ShareLearning is not see easy specially for grown ups. Learning sometimes gets funny and sometimes irritating too. The short video clip is from a Indian comedy movie, “Phas gaya re Obama”, check out the vocabulary of the crazy English teacher who is scolding his desi students and teaching them some crazy & funny English. Its hilarious …. Loved his dialogue … Sorry ka Baby …hehehehe :D.

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Super Woman Changes Clothes- Amazing Girl Video

"funny amazing video"

ShareHave you ever noticed your self or somebody that how much does it takes to change clothes? Obviously No, because nobody does so but after watching this video you will not only be turning on your stop watch while changing your clothes  but also trying to do it much fast but still you can’t this amazing girl’s record. She is too fast for somebody to see her while changing clothes :D. Still don’t believe me? Check out this amazing girl video and do comment back if you like the video…

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