15 Responses to “Broken China Jewelry (15 Photos)”

  1. Roger says:

    Love your broken china jewelry collection. Where can I go to purchase some of the pieces. Never seen a website that didn’t direct you to a place to PURCHASE. Further info, please.

  2. Alexander says:

    Woow! What a nice idea in making jewelry. Very original products.

  3. rizwana says:

    hi ….aacha he

  4. Ishita says:

    All women like to wear different jewelery. These jewelery collection makes me wordless. They are really amazing____

  5. advice says:

    I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful …

  6. LED Grow Light says:

    mens jewelries need not be too expensive but it should be of great style ::.

  7. PH Test : says:

    mens jewelries are usually bulkier than jewleries that are designed for women:*~

  8. Govinda says:

    good collection

  9. ayesha says:

    plz i wana buy most of ur hand made jewellery plz plz tell the prices & can i bought online

  10. gemjazzdesigns says:

    I am big Fan of Handmade Jewelry and The designs on your website are Brilliant

  11. Meissen China says:

    Whoa, great story. I just now came across your blog and I am already a fan. 😉

  12. ashwitha says:

    too gud collection , can i knw the details of the bangles esp the rates nd frm wre to gt the same

  13. Jessyca says:

    how much they are selling? very interesting art piece!

  14. vailesh dileep monteiro says:

    hi i saw ur jewellery and was very much impressed and i would like to purchase it on line please can u provide me the information of the best rates for me to buy…

    Thaks regards,

    vailesh dileep monteiro

  15. GHALIA BOUZIDI says:

    Hello I am GHALIA BOUZIDI of Algeria …
    I saw your jewelry and I was impressed with your products and I want to be your agent in Algeria and that you accept the partnership between us, Mr. President,
    Especially since most products that come from abroad are goods from China and marketed in our country is a good view of the impressive people……
    Please accept my greetings and appreciation


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