Causes Of Dark Circle Around Eyes


Dark Circle Around Eyes

The dark circle around eyes menace is one of the foremost cosmetic problems. It is quite common for women to experience this problem. The major causes attributed to this menace are lack of sleep and stress. However hereditary is also held as a reason often. The cucumber is the best natural fighter against the dark circles. The astringent in that will fight the dark circle.




This article covers

  • What causes of dark circles under the eyes?

  • How To Deal with Them?

  • Remove Dark Circles in Your Eyes

Many people suffer from dark circles under or around the eyes. Dark circle around eyes make people look tired and exhausted, if not unhealthy, and can occur due to a wide variation of reasons. Dark circle around eyes happen to people in all ages groups but seem to occur more in women.


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Causes of dark circles under eyes

What causes of dark circles under the eyes?

There are a number of causes of dark circle around eyes some of which are:


the Eyes a Lot due to lack of sleep or itchy eyes that occur in dusty rooms or if one suffers from an allergy, for example hay fever

Sleep Difficulty

(possibly due to stress or depression).


Hay fever and dust allergies are known to cause dark circles under eyes.


As the skin under the eye is so close to the underlying bone, a lack of water in the body will become apparent in this area when the body is dehydrated. This will show up as a dark circle around or under the eye and will disappear once the body is properly hydrated again.


The skin tissue around the eyes is less plump and gets thinner when aging, causing dark circles. A moisturizing dark circle eye cream can help to make this skin stronger and healthier again.

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How To Deal with Them

There are a lot of other ways to deal with dark circle

Drinking Lots of Water

This will help avoid the problem of having dark circles, as one of the main causes of dark circle around eyes is dehydration. Water retention (the body holding on to fluids, making the body look bloated) will cause swelling under the eyes.

Get Plenty of Sleep

As the skin has self-healing properties and regulates fluids and transfers them to areas where they are needed itself, getting enough sleep is all important. At least 7-8 hours a night is recommended to remove dark circle around eyes.

A Healthy Diet

Plenty or proteins, fish and fresh fruit and vegetables (vitamin C and iron) and cutting salt out of your diet will help you look and feel a lot better. Salt dehydrates and vitamins and proteins will help keep the skin firm and looking healthy. Drinking lots of water every day will moisturize your skin from the inside of your body.

Stop Smoking

Smoking damages the skin and destroys certain vitamins in the body (especially vitamin C, needed to re-build skin cells). De-hydrating the skin, especially when combined with a regular intake of coffee and other high-caffeine drinks will make dark circles worse. To remove dark circle around eyes it is absolutely crucial to take good care of your health and that includes quitting with smoking.

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