14 Responses to “Remove Dark Circles Home Remedies”

  1. salman says:

    i will try.

  2. salman says:

    thanx for remidy of dark circle

  3. ashwin says:

    plz help me…i cant get rid out my dark circles…i have tried lots of ways…what to do now..i even cant sleep more because i have bg life??

  4. kavi says:

    Use ful tips to all……….

    Thanks a lot for u.

  5. kavi says:

    The information u providec is very useful to me……
    Am giong to follow these tips and get rid of from my problems…

  6. jasra says:

    PRIYA r u tamil?

    thanks for the tips.

  7. jasra says:

    al nice and i wanna sum easy tips for removing unwanted hair in face

    • Khan fareha says:

      Mix lemon n honey n apply on face. Leave for 5-10 min till sticky n then just with ur fingers pull hair in opp direction. It works n gradually lessens the growth of hair. I myself do it. I started with 2c a week nw its once after 2-3 months

  8. Ramya says:

    thank u priya.. its very very useful…..

  9. SHAHD says:

    I hope this remedies are gonna be useful,I access inernet daily for several hours.I think staring to computer for long time cause dark circles around eyes.

  10. Candi Fear says:

    Glad i ran across this blog. Added “Remove Dark Circles Under Eye | Dark Circles Home Remedies” to my bookmark!

  11. Noorbanu Pesnani says:

    Thanks for the useful remedies will try.

  12. moidahmad says:

    really very vital information thanks to publisher

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