Remove Dark Circles Home Remedies


General Important Tips for lightening dark circles

  • Remain happy. Life can be a challenge but do not get overwhelmed. Entertain happy thoughts and take things lightly without getting bothered. After all, just remaining worried is not going to solve whatever it is that is taking a toll. So work on what seems difficult without getting clobbered by pessimistic or negative thoughts.






  • Positive thinking and relaxed mental state. Politeness, care, kindness and courteous nature will not only make you lots of friends but also work internally in a very positive way for yourself.

  • Get enough sleep. After such a busy day, you deserve a good 8 hours comfortable sleep. Relax yourself with some light reading or your favorite TV show before going to bed.

  • Exercise. Plan today to incorporate exercise in your routine.

  • Please check with your doctor. Your doctor will do the needed tests and let you know if iron supplements are needed.

Are Artificial Cosmetics Useful?

Moisturizing the area around the eye twice a day with a good face or eye cream can help firm the skin up. Any eye cream or treatment containing vitamin K is considered to be good for dark rings under eyes as this vitamin repairs the blood vessels and mildly bleaches the skin to help fade darker pigments around the eye Cosmetic congealers such as foundations that offer full coverage of blotchy areas of the skin will help hide dark circles. This is only a temporary solution of course as the treatment has to be re-applied every day.





 Remedy for Dark Circles Under Eyes

Using Almond Oil and Honey

remove dark circles under eye


Procedure: Mix equal proportions of almond oil and honey. Keep this mixture ready. Massage on the dark circled areas around the eyes with this mixture daily before going to bed. Wash your face in the morning.

Benefits: Above application will not only show results for removing the dark circles under the eyes but also will get rid of wrinkles under the eyes. Almond oil application as well as almond consumption is healthy for the body. Along with the above application, try to eat 10 soaked, peeled almonds daily in the morning. You will start noticing the results after about 20 days.

Using Tomato and Lemon

Procedure: Take one teaspoon fresh tomato juice. Add to it 1/2 teaspoon fresh lemon juice and a little less than a teaspoon of Gram flour. Mix all these thoroughly to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste on the dark circles around the eyes and leave for about 10 min. Before it becomes too dry, start removing by rubbing very gently with your fingers. Thereafter, wash your face. This application is recommend once daily. More quantity of the ingredients can be taken in the proportion specified to have sufficient amount to apply on the whole face.

Benefits: You will start noticing the circles lightening after treatment the above way for a few days. Tomato is rich in Vitamin A, C and iron. The goodness of the tomato will produce results.

Carrot and Tomato Juice

Procedure: Carrots are very good for the eyes. They are loaded with much needed Vitamin A. Eat handful of carrots daily or drink a glass of carrot juice daily. This will be beneficial in reducing dark circles and will improve your eyesight.
Tomato juice is another healthy drink. Prepare yourself a glass of tomato juice, add some lemon juice and some salt to taste. Drink this everyday in the morning before eating or drinking anything else.

Benefits: Tomato and carrot juices are very wholesome drinks. You will feel fresh with regular consumption. You can also combine carrots and tomatoes and have a glass of the combined juice.

Note: Gram Flour can be found in Asian grocery store in Indian food section.

Natural Remedies

Of course a healthy diet and regular sleep pattern will benefit anyone suffering from dark circles under eyes. There are a few very simple but effective home treatments available to help aid the problem in combination with eating healthy and fresh foods and getting plenty of sleep

Cosmetic Cotton Wool Soaked in Milk or Witch Hazel

Easier to obtain, milk is the quickest option to make dark under eye circles less apparent. Soak squares of cotton wool in a cup of (not too cold!) milk and place the squares on the closed eyes and around the eyes for at least ten minutes.

Chilled Cucumber Slices

remove dark eye circles


Cucumber does for the outside of your body what drinking water does for the inside of the body. Leaving thin slices of cucumber on the dark ring under the eye will make the dark area virtually disappear. Leave on for at least ten minutes.

Cooled Chamomile Tea Bags

bags under eyes treatment


Chamomile is known for its soothing and skin healing properties. A used chamomile teabag, cooled down, must be placed on the dark area. Leaving this treatment on for at least 20 minutes will help make dark circles under eyes disappear. You will even benefit more from this treatment if the area is moisturized afterwards.

Natural remedies are often just as effective as expensive face or eye creams. The effect will be the same if applied regularly but even thought dark circles eyes can even be hereditary, the diet and sleep pattern are usually to blame for this problem.

Rose Water 

remove dark circles under eye

Dip cotton balls in rose water and keep for 5-10 minutes.

Drink as much water as you can drink.

Dip cotton balls in chilled water and keep for 5-10 minutes on the eyes.

Take a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and avoid reading late at night, lying down

Every morning, after washing your face, gently apply mixture of equal parts of tomato and lime juice; wash after half an hour.


  1. plz help me…i cant get rid out my dark circles…i have tried lots of ways…what to do now..i even cant sleep more because i have bg life??

    • Mix lemon n honey n apply on face. Leave for 5-10 min till sticky n then just with ur fingers pull hair in opp direction. It works n gradually lessens the growth of hair. I myself do it. I started with 2c a week nw its once after 2-3 months

  2. I hope this remedies are gonna be useful,I access inernet daily for several hours.I think staring to computer for long time cause dark circles around eyes.


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