7 Responses to “Spice Remedies”

  1. BALVIR says:

    it is are very good remedies for human body easy simple wihtout
    big coast
    use that for keep good health

  2. M.Inayathullah says:

    A very useful tips . Easy to follow . Thank you

  3. rajpal narendar says:

    such a nice remedies in a simple use.very nice

  4. Saeed says:

    very helpfull

  5. ripan says:

    very good

  6. NARENDRA says:

    the tips are very useful & no doubt effective .forgotten Indian grandmothers’ wisdom !
    It will be more effective if you add comments by reputed doctors -can be Ayurvedic -to make it more
    authentic resource !

  7. Aarvind says:

    Nice to know the useful information regarding home remedies,The information you give is very useful,since it is difficult to go to doctors for minor things.Hope you will give us more topics.

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