9 Responses to “Home Remedies For Acne”

  1. Pradnya Kamble says:


    It is very useful information not for only girls but also for men. So kindly publish it in newspaper also… if possible.

    Thanx…. pradnya

  2. Jayden Garcia says:

    Good advice! People need to understand how important these concepts are.

  3. anju says:

    i like and use this home ramedy

  4. Margaret Prakash says:

    Home remedies for acne is very simple and appears to be good. I shall try it out. Thanks.

  5. Priya says:

    Hi tanya
    i will post home remedies for acne scars very soon. u can choose remedies for your scars.

  6. tanya says:

    i have a acne scars on my face
    n i m used to applying lemon juice for this

    is lemon ok for acne scars?

  7. ashley says:

    Thank you for writing this! All of the over-the-counter stuff makes my skin irritated and I’ve found that the natural stuff is the best. Keep up the good work!

  8. Sharita Galuski says:

    I was actually looking to get an ecigarette. Before I order electronic cigartette can you make an article on more about it

  9. sohail says:

    thank you for your info about acne.
    It was useful and interesting
    best regards

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