Tips To Prevent Acne

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As we discussed about acne causes and acne symptoms, here we are going to discuss about

How to treat acne?

Prevent acne

– Drink a WATER before, during and after each meal. Remove those toxins from the inside.

– DO NOT drink any carbonated drink or coke. This is the one of the biggest causes of acne skin.




– DO NOT eat a lot of Trans Fatty Acid foods Pizza, Fast Food etc.

– Try not to touch your Acne face a lot. When you touch your Acne face you can sometimes spread dirt to your face.

– Use a clean towel to wash your face and pad it dry don’t rub. (I never use a rag, I clean my hands/nails with anti bacteria soap).

– Be sure to pull your hair away from your skin when u sleep.

– Try to take shower as much as you can possible after your workout since sweat combined with skin oils can trap dirt and bacteria in your pores.

treat acne

– Avoid use oil base makeup and creams.

– Do not use any beauty soaps or moisturizers. Use a medicated soap.

– Try to have regular sleeping hours. Odd sleeping hours can flare-up all these problems.

– Supplement your diet with lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouts, and fruit juice.

– Take acne facial.

– In case of severe acne, consult the doctor.

prevent acne

Night routine for acne:

Remove make-up before going on bed with a liquid make-up remover. Wash with medicated soap and water and then apply an anti-pimple/acne cream.

Morning routine for acne:

Wipe your face with an anti-acne lotion. Let this lotion dry naturally. If you do not want to use an acne lotion, use an astringent or rose water. Apply calamine lotion. This acts like a protective lotion.



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  1. I love Johnson n Johnsons baby lotions, and the one the above poster mentioned, the 24- hour lotions. They work well and smell great. For your cuticles, I suggest burt’s bees


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