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Flowers are symbol of love and emotions. Flowers can say feelings of heart that we can’t express to someone it can change atmosphere and mood. Roses are most popular flower, it has different colors and every colors has different message or feelings.

Here we are share meaning of roses with roses picture.


Red rosesare symbol of “love”.

white roses shows loyalty and probity.

Pink roses are symbol of pleasure and happiness.

Dark pink for “thank you”.

Yellow roses for “friendship, joy, i care, jealousy”.

Yellow with red tip “friendship and falling in love”.

White and red roses means “close forever”.

Orange roses means “optimism”.

Blue roses means “peace”.

Peach roses means “sincerity”.

which one you like?


red rose

roses picture

meaning of roses

white rose

peach rose

pink rose

yellow rose

roses picture

orange rose

pink rose

orange rose

red rose

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  1. sweety says:

    i love flowers

  2. Sagar Bate says:

    I Like Rose photo.

  3. muskan says:

    i like all roses and all meaning i like this

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    so lovely,,,,nice

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  6. jaymala says:

    very lovely roses i like all the colors.

  7. sowmya says:

    I love roses. its awesome

  8. asit says:

    hi nice roses. i want more pictures


    normally we go by smell of the rose. know meaning of different colours of roses is very different and exciting.VERY GOOD SLIDE.

  10. rana akmal says:

    lovely roses

  11. rana akmal says:

    so cute n sweet fresh flowers i like

  12. ravi joshi says:

    i love roses………thanks for the post n information

  13. Ravi Meena says:

    I love roses very but I love kanika more than that.

  14. shakofa says:

    i love flowers .i love more the red rose because it is the symbole of love.

  15. ravindra patil says:

    Roses most beutiful flowers.They convey our massage without words

  16. Mustafi Siddiqi says:

    very nice and qute pictures of flowers.I Like all of them so much.

  17. namrata says:

    very nice flowers with their meaning
    meaning is also good

  18. Alphonsuresh says:

    We love this yellow Rose.Our house is full of yellow rose,35,Anna nagar,Madhavaram,Chennai

  19. Mamatha says:

    I really love flowers very much not only roses all . I want 2 spent my time siting in midle of all colourful flowers & enjoy dem . Its my Dream also.

  20. Baiju M says:

    nice flowers

  21. nur mohammad says:

    so beautiful

  22. ajay says:

    very beautiful flowers ……….

  23. sridevipradeep says:

    I love u so much

  24. aishwaryasudhursan says:

    admirable thing in the world

  25. addan says:

    so cute and beautiful

  26. honey rosy says:

    wounderful collection

  27. Afsana khatun says:

    I luv rose

  28. shamsuddoha says:

    White and red roses means “close forever”.

  29. shruti says:

    Rose send us my dear friends, its make my day fresh

  30. Manisha says:

    I felt refreshed……
    Very beautiful, awesome….

  31. Sidra Moin says:

    I lke it so much . very nice.

  32. hema says:

    so cute n sweet fresh flowers ………………

  33. ASSIM BOKHARI says:

    hi, its so beautifull and feel,s that u r touching it in real

  34. niveda says:

    wow its soooo fresh

  35. Anjum Warsi says:

    I like these roses. My favorite one is red rose.

  36. sad ali says:

    very beauty rose

  37. amir says:

    lovely roses i like them very much.

  38. Niroja Ravi says:

    Relay very nice. I like roses so much………….

  39. Shilpa says:

    I like u very Much…

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