Cute Lovely SMS


Keep the smile,

Leave the tear,

Think of joy,

Forget the fear ,

Hold the laugh,

Leave the pain,

Be joyous till i sms again



cute sms


“Phool” kushboo k liye,

“piyar” nibhane k liye

“Ankhain” dil churane k liye,

Aur ye Msg aap ko

meri yaad dilane k liye


cute sms



To forget you is hard to do

and to forget me is up to you.

Forget me not, forget me never.

Forget this text, but not the sender.


cute sms


My Wishes 4 u

Great start 4 Mon

No obstacles 4 Tues

No stress 4 Wed

No worry 4 Thu

Smile 4 Fri

Enjoy 4 Sat

& Take care 4 Sun

Have a beautiful week ever n ever!


cute sms


My Smile, My joy, My pleasure, My life,

My relief, My honor, & My pride

your 1 sms.

ab socho aap k sms ki keemat.


cute sms


May Allah give u

a Rainbow 4 every storm,

a smile 4 every tear,

a promise 4 every care,

a blessing In every trial & answer 2 every prayer.


cute sms


Life is math’s,

dost plus karo,

nafrat minus karo,

Dukh divide karo,

Sukh multiply karo,

Life enjoy karo.

Is message ko aage pass karo


cute sms


sweet candies r nice to eat,

sweet words r easy to say,

but, sweet people r hard to find

oh my God! how did u find me?


cute sms


ham sms nahi karte to samjhte hain k

humain adaat hai bhol jane ki,

ye woh nadan kiya samjahin k

ye bhi ek ada hai apno ko satane ki.


cute sms


A good relationship is like a sugarcane.

U crush it. u twist it. u squeeze it.

U beat it to pulp and all that u get is only sweetness.




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