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Sweet persons talk from Telenor.
Lovers talk from UFONE.
Beauties Talk from JAZZ.
Legends talk from WARID.
But Brilliants never talk.
They send SMS


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ur Friendship like Paktel ” Dil to aik hai “

ur love like Telenor “Chaho kuch bar k”
ur Sincerity like Haleeb “garah jo hai”
ur Smile like Twist ” Hila k rakh de”
ur Style like UFONE ” Tum he to ho”
ur personality like Bonanza “Absolutely world class”
& My response like lipton
” Yahi to hai woh apnapan”.


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Smile a while and while you smile,
smile another smile and soon there will be miles
and miles of smile just because you smiled,
I wish your day is full of SMILE


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Smile is a cooling system of Heart
Sparkling system of Eyes
Lighting system of Face
Relaxing system of Mind
So activate ur all systems & Keep Smiling.


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If u read this, I m smart,
If u save this, u agree I m smart
If u 4ward this, u r spreading that I m smart
If u delete this, u r jealous


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Never say u r happy when u r sad
Never say u r fine when u r not ok
Never say u feel good when u feel bad
Never say u r alone when I m still alive


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If u will cry, u will get wrinkles
If u will get angry, u will get pimples
So y don’t u smile and get Dimple


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Its a magic try this
Hold 10 roses in ur hand
& stand b4 the mirror
u will see 11 Roses.


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Mil jati hai kitno kio khushi,
mit jaate hain kitno k gham,
messages isliye bhejte rahte hain hum,
taake dur reh kar bhi na ho aap ki muskan kam.


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Flowers die, Stories end, Songs fade,
Memories r forgotten, all things come to end but
Precious people like u r always Remember



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