SMS Jokes Messages

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A gorgeous girl walks up 2 a a professor’s cabin
and says I will do anything 2 pass in the exam.
Professor: anything!
Girl: yes
Prof: open your books and study

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Man: Sardar jee aap ko garmi lagti hai
to kiya karte ho?
Sardar: AC k pass ja k beth jata hoon
Man: Agar phir bhi garmi lage to?
Sardar: to AC on kar leta hoon

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Beta: Daddy meri dur ki nazar kamzor ho gae hai
mujhe ek chashma la do.
Kanjos baap bete ko bahar le kar aya aur bola
woh kya hai bata.
Beta: Suraj
Baap: aur kitna dur dhaikhe ga

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2 Lovers plan to suicide. Boy jumped first,
Girl closed her eyes & return back saying love is blind.
Boy in air opened his parachute saying
love never dies.

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A sardar ji Doctor falls in Love with a Nurse.
He writes a love letter to the Nurse :- I Love U sister

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Sardar to Girlfriend: Darling main tum se shaadi
nahi kar sakta gharwale mana karrahe hai.
Girlfriend: Tumhare ghar me kaun kaun hai.
Sardar: 1 biwi aur 3 bachche

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Sardar proposed a Girl……

Girl said: I m 1year elder to you.

Sardar said: Oye No Problem Soniye,

I’ll marry you NEXT YEAR.

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Husband asks, Do you know the meaning of WIFE.

It means…

Without Information Fighting Every time!

WIFE says No, it means

With Idiot for Ever

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2 Sardars looking at Egyptian mummy.

Sardar1: Look so many bandages,

pakka truck accident case.

Sardar2: Aaho, truck nambar bhi likha hai. BC-1760

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Teacher: How Old is ur father.

Sunny: As old as I m.

Teacher: How is it possible?

Sunny: He become father only after I was born.


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