Seaside Book Manager Digital Photo Album Software


Seaside Book Manager software creates digital photo album with music; you can turn over pages like a real book. Make a photo album can be opened to the public on your Web pages.




Digital photo album software has two faces, one is management software of digital photo albums, and another one is a book stack view that seems to stacking real books. When you use only one bookshelf, this software can be used as a freeware. Please buy a license when you want to use two bookshelves or more.

It features you can save photo book albums in your machine, and can upload to the Web to share with other people, make a photo album are look like real book, you can turn over pages like a real book, you can add music to photo book albums, you can create photo book albums only by drag-and-drop pictures, and can manage make a photo album intuitively.

photo book albums

make a photo book

License: Free to Try

Operating systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP .

Additional requirements Not available.

digital photo album software



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