Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Italian Handmade Bracelet

Bracelet trends change with the season, but some bracelets are always in style. You'll find an assortment here, seasonal bracelet trends and classic styles...

Alukkas Gold Wedding Jewelry

For a wedding day Alukkas presents Awesome gold wedding jewelry for bridal.  

Perfect Bridal Makeup and Jewelry

Have a look some bridal jewelry with gorgeous brides makeup. Good choice gives you prefect bride look.                      

Colorful Bangles

Bangles are ornaments worn mainly by women. Men usually choose bangles as a gift for girls. Bangles are part of Asian jewelry tradition. In...

Asian Bridal Jewelry

Beautiful Jewelry always attract ladies specially bridal jewelry. Bridal jewelry is totally different then the other jewelries. Every girl wants to be a bride...

Broken China Jewelry (15 Photos)

Broken China jewelry made by broken crockery pieces, like plates, cups, saucers, teapots, serving dishes. It has huge variety. So girls, next time don't...