10 Responses to “Hindi Movie Song Tu Jaane Na – Entertaining Videos”

  1. Bijoy Kant Jha says:

    It was superb.

  2. Zib says:

    yakhhhhhhhhhh horrible, i thnk song got raped by her………

  3. Lakshman says:

    ttttttttoooooooooo gggggggggooooooooodddddd
    next another one

  4. Abbey says:

    wow, nice voice nicely sung, I love you

  5. santosh says:

    beutiful son sung so beatiful by beatiful one

  6. faris says:

    hae woman u have pretty voice like u.

  7. Waqar Ahmed says:

    Oh my goodness!! she is amazing!!!!!! I really loved your voice natalie..I really wish u could do someomore songs..I really belive that u are a true singer… U sung amazingly and really it has given the song a new soul!!!…I really wish u could do more hindi songs..

    love u sweety!

    Kiss for ur voice.:-*
    . 🙂 🙂

  8. minder says:

    hey that was super

  9. Mohanbir Singh says:

    Very well sung.

  10. ali says:

    very good ,i like

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