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Hair is continuously growing and is being shed simultaneously. At any time, hair is growing and replacing shed hair. When this process gets disrupted, hair loss may occur. Hair loss can be psychologically a big put down, because every one is to some extent, worried about baldness and looks. Hair loss can be a major blow to a person’s self esteem and if it can be checked, it can certainly add value to external beauty and looks and give a boost to self confidence and self worth.




Some common causes of hair loss are as follows.

Hormonal changes in the body related to medication, pregnancy, thyroid problems can cause hair loss. Normally if the hormonal balance is restored, hair loss can be checked to some extent.
Some diseases like, diabetes etc can result in hair loss. This kind of hair loss problem is normally difficult to control but with proper care and treatment, it may be possible to reduce the hair loss.

best hair loss treatments

There are some life saving drugs and other strong antibiotics which can result in hair loss. If it is possible to find the exact medicine causing the problem, it may be possible to change the medication and prevent hair loss.

Fungal infections and bacterial infections can also cause hair loss. This kind of hair loss can normally be treated well, by correct medication given by a skin specialist.

Improper hair care, especially regular perking ( resulting in scarring of the scalp), continuously blow drying hair and continued use of chemicals for hair coloring purposes can cause permanent hair damage and loss.
Some people have a hereditary tendency to baldness. This may be termed male pattern baldness, leading to hair loss with a receding hairline, thinning hair and baldness at the top of the scalp.

some herbal remedies for hair loss.

It is suggested that you may try them for a month or so to find some change in your hair loss problem.

*Take 50 ml of coconut hair, heat it and add three flakes of garlic (squeeze the garlic juice into the oil) and four peppercorns (crush them into the oil). Let the oil cool by itself and then massage this oil into the hair. Regular application, will stimulate hair growth and result in healthy voluminous hair over time.

* An excellent hair tonic can be prepared by mixing almond oil, olive oil and castor oil in equal proportion. Massage this daily into the hair to stimulate hair growth and improve hair texture.

* Another herbal remedy that works to reduce hair loss is prepared with olive oil. Take 20 ml olive oil and add one teaspoon honey and one teaspoon cinnamon powder to the mixture. Mix well to create a smooth paste. Apply this paste to the scalp and leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. Repeat every three days for a month to find reduced hair loss and better thicker hair.
Many people suffer from minor infections in the scalp, which may be causing hair loss.

*A simple herbal remedy to check this kind of hair loss is easy to prepare. Mix two tablespoons (around 20 ml ) of ginger juice with one tablespoon (10ml) of lime juice in a bowl. Apply this to your hair, by massaging the same into your scalp. This will help prevent minor infections, reduce itching and stimulate hair growth. Leave on for 30 minutes and then wash off with warm water. Create this mixture, fresh every time, and use it once a week for 4 weeks to find significant improvement.

*A quick and simple remedy for hair loss is simply crushing some garlic cloves and massaging the same into your scalp. This will improve blood circulation and it is recommended once every two weeks as a good way to stimulate hair follicles.

*Good diet is also essential for improving the condition of the hair. It is important to drink plenty of water, raw salads, yoghurt, leafy vegetables and whole grain cereals. Cutting down on fried snacks, salt, sugar and aerated drinks helps in general skin and hair care.

*Try shifting to herbal shampoos containing, herbs such as henna, Lemon grass, Mint, Hibiscus, Neem. These shampoos are any day better then detergent based shampoos which can contribute to hair loss.

In case, hair loss is permanent and irreversible, then the only recourse is hair grafting or a wig. However many males look stunning with a bald head also so all is not lost if hair loss does not stop. The above remedies will normally work well in cases of minor hair loss if started well in time. It is best to treat conditions of severe hair loss through medical intervention. Take care..

another remedy to control falling hair baadam ka oil-10 gm and betnovet….mix both of them place it in a bottle and apply it twice or thrice a week. InshaAllah u’ll get amazing results….and yeah drink daily a glass of carrot and reddish juice.

For Hair Transplants

Other methods that may help individuals deal with their hair loss include hair transplantation or hair grafting surgery. There are some sources that provide info on herbal remedies or dietary supplements that stimulate hair growth and help prevent baldness. Regardless of these, the best option would be to consult a medical expert to determine the best method to deal with pattern baldness.





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